I recently purchased a SDR Play RSP1A. I have this SDR unit connected to my Yaesu FTdx-1200

and I am using it as a Pan Adapter in conjunction with SDR Console software.

I also use Ham Radio Deluxe software which allows me to control the functions I use the most on my radio. Plus the software contains logging software and digital modes software.

This set up allows me to see signals from other amateur stations up and down the band. This comes in handy, allowing me to see where others are talking on the band. Instead of manually

tuning my radio up and down the band I can see where the signals are on the band.


With the double click of the mouse on the signal trace in the waterfall my FTdx-1200 will

automatically change frequency, going to the area of the band that I saw the signal on.


I can also listen to signals using the SDR Console software by plugging my head phones into

my computer. By doing this I have a lot more filtering options, I can adjust filters for the best audio reception.


Below you will see photos of the set up.


Here is a video of the set up in operation.